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Third-generation, Family-owned

Skinder-Strauss LLC is a third-generation, family-owned enterprise providing information and support to the legal community. Skinder-Strauss focuses on litigation support. Services range from Web-based software, mobile products and legal directories to private investigators, process servers, court clerical staff and couriers. Its business units operate in New York and New Jersey. Clients include law firms from solo practitioners to the Am Law 200 as well as other non-legal industries.

Skinder-Strauss has roots dating back to 1929 as the New Jersey Lawyers Service.

Aaron Skinder and Frieda Pickman graduated law school in New York City in 1929. Instead of practicing law, they decided to create a firm that would provide products and services to the legal community.

They began a courier service in Newark, N.J., running papers between firms and courts. In 1939, they launched a directory of legal community members to facilitate the sending of documents. In addition to starting their firm, they married and started a family.

Their directory became quite popular and began to take on a life of its own. The two attorneys then purchased a statewide attorney directory and legal guide that was first published in 1888 and continues today as the New Jersey Lawyers Diary and Manual.

Over time, Aaron and Frieda, along with their children and grandchildren, created several other directories. They also started and acquired various other businesses. Today, Skinder-Strauss is owned by Aaron and Frieda’s grandchildren.


Timeline of milestones:

  • 1871 and continues: annual publication Fitzgerald’s Legislative Manual®
  • 1888 and continues: annual publication New Jersey Lawyers Diary and Manual®
  • 1898 and continues: annual publication New York Lawyers Diary and Manual®
  • 1929 and continues: New Jersey Lawyers Service (NJLS)
  • 1957 and continues: annual publication Florida Lawyers Diary and Manual®
  • 1959 and continues: annual publication Massachusetts Lawyers Diary and Manual®
  • 1975 and continues: annual publication New Hampshire Lawyers Diary and Manual®
  • 1986 and continues: Skinder-Strauss Associates
  • 1993 and continues: Lawyers Diary and Manual PC Edition®
  • 1997: acquired American Clerical Services
  • 1999 and continues: established eLaw, LLC
  • 2011 and continues: launched Web-based LDMonline
  • 2011 and continues: launched LDMmobile
  • 2012: acquired Aetna Judicial Service, now part of PM Legal
  • 2013: acquired Federated Legal Services, now part of PM Legal
  • 2013: acquired Lex-Serv, now part of PM Legal
  • 2013: acquired Premier Legal Services, now part of PM Legal
  • 2014: acquired Relay Brothers Courier, now part of NJLS
  • 2014: acquired AM PM Process Servers, now part of NJLS
  • 2014: acquired Sav-On Process Service, now part of PM Legal
  • 2015: implemented market-leading compliance program in New York
  • 2016: acquired Turbo Legal Support and Turbo Couriers, now part of NJLS
  • 2016: partnered with Ross Mallor to form PM Legal
  • 2017: PM Legal opens Long Island office (now in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island)

Principles of Conduct

Integrity in Action

Skinder-Strauss LLC and its business units are proud to be part of the legal community, supporting it with a wide range of products and services. We aspire to be the best at what we do and how we do it. Our companies and employees share the following Principles of Conduct:

  • We comply with the laws and regulations, and demand the same from our suppliers.
  • We are honest with our customers, with our records, with the authorities, with each other.
  • We are safe, especially while driving automobiles.
  • We are loyal, with confidential information, company time, company equipment.
  • We respect our colleagues, our customers, our vendors.

Contact Information: Integrity in Action

When employees, contractors or vendors see something wrong or are in doubt about how to act, they discuss it with a supervisor, the company legal counsel or the Ethics Hotline.

The Ethics Hotline is run by The Network, an independent organization. When you contact them, you do not have to give a name. A customized Web form or professional interview specialist will document your concern and then relay the information to Skinder-Strauss.

If you have a concern about unethical, illegal or unsafe activity and prefer to remain anonymous, contact The Network (24 hours a day, 7 days a week):

Online: www.reportlineweb.com/skinderstrauss

Toll free: (844) 283-9313

Business Units

Top Brands in Litigation Support
LDM Logo

Lawyers Diary and Manual

Lawyers Diary and Manual is the leading legal directory serving the states of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida. It is available as a printed book—with or without diary pages—Web-based software or on a smartphone. The original Skinder family members started the directory business in 1939.


New Jersey Lawyers Service

NJLS (New Jersey Lawyers Service) is an award-winning courier and server of process for the New Jersey legal community and offers low-cost pickup and delivery to a broad range of businesses and government entities. NJLS was the first business started by the original Skinder family members in 1929.

eLaw Logo


eLaw has been annually ranked as the leading Web-based docketing and calendaring software by New York legal professionals. It allows attorneys to search, monitor and manage active and archived cases, dockets and court calendars in the New York and New Jersey trial courts. eLaw also coordinates per diem legal services. eLaw was founded by Skinder-Strauss in 1999.

PM Legal Logo

PM Legal

PM Legal was named in the combination of PM Investigations with the legacy businesses of, American Clerical Service, Aetna Judicial Service, Federated Process Service, Lex-Serv and Premier Legal Services. PM Legal is the leader in Process Service, Investigations, and Court Services for trial lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries at law firms, insurance companies, government agencies and financial institutions in the New York City area.

Team Members

  • Andrew W. StraussChief Executive Officer
    Andrew originally joined Skinder-Strauss in 1990. From there, Andrew sojourned for 12 years at The Riverside Company, where he invested $167 million and generated 29% annual returns, rising to managing partner. He returned to lead the growth charge at Skinder-Strauss in early 2011. Andrew graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in philosophy, and an MBA from Columbia University.
  • David SteinChief Financial Officer
    David joined Skinder-Strauss in 1991 as controller/director of finance and was promoted to chief financial officer in 1997. He began his career with Prager and Fenton, a medium-sized accounting firm in New York City. In 1984, he obtained his CPA license in New York and New Jersey, and moved to J.H. Cohn LLP, a leading national accounting firm. David graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in business administration (accounting) and a concentration in finance.
  • Jerry Krivitzky, Esq.General Counsel and Business Development
    Jerry joined Skinder-Strauss in 1986 and served as Chairman and CEO through 2010. He is currently the company’s General Counsel and sits on the board of directors. Jerry graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in mathematics and philosophy, and received his JD from Syracuse University. He is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey and various federal courts.

Business Unit Executives

  • Michael SkinderPublisher, Lawyers Diary and Manual
    Michael joined Skinder-Strauss in 1984. Michael sits on its board of directors and also is publisher of the Lawyers Diary and Manual. Michael manages all operations and its electronic products, including LDMonline and LDM’s smartphone app. He graduated Ithaca College with a degree in political science.
  • Dominick Esposito        President, eLaw        
    Dominick joined Skinder-Strauss in 1997 and is the President of eLaw, LLC. Dominick has over 30 years of litigation support and legal experience. Dominick has a bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University and a law degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law (Hamden, CT). He is also a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association Partnership for Justice.
  • Ross Mallor        President, PM Legal        
    Ross became president of PM Legal when PM Investigations combined with inSync Litigation Support. Ross is a licensed private investigator and for over 15 years has been providing outstanding investigations and process services to the New York legal community. His clients appreciate both his expertise and his personal responsiveness, even as his company has grown. He is a magna cum laude graduate of American University.
  • Mary Beth DixonPresident, NJLS (New Jersey Lawyers Service)
    Before joining NJLS as its President in 2019, Mary Beth had a decade of logistics experience UPS and i-parcel. As an entrepreneur, she co-owned and managed a chain of Subway franchises. She graduated from both Assumption College (cum laude) and has a CPA certificate from Salem State University.
  • Operations Members

    • Vic KanwarChief Information Officer
      Vic joined Skinder-Strauss in 1995 and is the CIO. He began his career as a consultant working at AT&T’s calling card operations. Vic then worked for Dun & Bradstreet in database marketing as a data warehouse specialist. Vic graduated from Punjab Engineering College (PEC) in India with a degree in engineering before earning his MBA from the University at Buffalo.
    • Robert W. Pladek, Esq.Business Development
      Bob served as NJLS’s President from 2012-2019, and now works in business development across all of the Skinder-Strauss companies. Bob has more than 30 years of experience in the legal field, including roles as COO of Guaranteed Subpoena Service and publisher at both NJESQ, LLC and New Jersey Lawyer. Bob also held general counsel roles at FileOn and Prudential Property and Casualty Insurance Co. He has a bachelor’s degree from Bates College and a JD from Villanova University School of Law.

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